New rules when attending athletic events (COVID)

Marie MenkeLMCS News

As most have already heard, we have new statewide restrictions on hosting and attending events.  Here is some vital information you should review and share with those who would benefit.  (UPDATED 12.18.2020)

Athletic Events:

* Every player, coach, cheerleader gets 2 spectator passes.
* If mom and dad come with siblings the household of the player, coach, cheerleader for that event can all attend. ($5 all admission)
* If they have a split family (2 households) each household can take one of their 2 passes and each household can attend that event.
* If they give their 2 passes to someone outside of the household then only those 2 people with a pass can get into that event.  They cannot bring their family with them as they do not live in the household of the player, coach, cheerleader.  
* It is an either-or situation.  Bring your household and all can get in or only 2 spectators outside of your household.  You do not get both.  
* Understand that each school district has unique situations that they must face and we will respect how they proceed when we are visiting their facility.  

* Spectators are asked not to come early to games.  It will be critical that boys varsity spectators do not come during the varsity girls game, as that will be the time in which we have the most spectators crossing paths.  

* Spectators must leave as soon as their student is done participating for the evening.

* Spectators need to sit 6 feet apart from people outside of their home. 


Each school we attend will have slightly different expectations based on their facilities needs and space.  We are lucky to have a larger seating capacity, as some we will attend do not. 

* Some schools may clear the gym after each game.

* Many schools will have seats marked by tape or some other label.  If they are marked, only sit in those areas designated for spectator seating.

* Some may require you to wait in a different location, as the gym may not have seating space while you wait for the next game.

* We will respect each districts needs and decisions to administer these state guidelines.  

Streaming (Viewing or Listening) Options:

* Each school is looking at ways to video stream events. (mainly varsity)

* At 5 or 6 TIC West Schools, KIOW will stream, including Lake Mills.

* Local Radio Stations are doing what they can to cover events.

* Some schools will have other options, fees may be charged.  

This has not been an easy process for districts to plan for and implement.  As the season moves forward more changes or adaptations may come.  Understand that these procedures are put in place for one reason: the students.  They are not in place for the adults and our attendance is not critical to the wrestling meet or the basketball game.  They can go on without us and for that we should be thankful during this difficult time.  

Any questions, please call the MS/HS office.