Upcoming Assessments

Marie MenkeLMCS News

The links below provide some details regarding our upcoming Iowa State Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). This set of assessments is required by the State of Iowa and by Federal Mandate to help identify what students know and are able to do. Please reference the document to see specifics regarding the specific assessments found in ISASP, testing dates, and approximate lengths of tests. 

Please be reminded that ISASP is required and must be taken in-person by all students, even remote learners. 

ISASP information for Elementary (grades 3-5)

ISASP information for Middle School/High School (grades 6-11)

This link below provides some details regarding our upcoming Conditions for Learning Survey. This Survey is provided by the state to help identify multiple aspects of supports for our students in the school building. Please reference the document to see specifics about the Survey. The Conditions for Learning Survey is not required; if you choose to opt-out, please return the opt-out form included in this link. 

Conditions for Learning Survey