Info about Fall 2020 from Mr. Kohagen

Marie MenkeLMCS News

Good afternoon!

I wanted to communicate some more information regarding school this fall.  As of late last week, Governor Reynolds announced schools cannot offer 100% online schooling unless the department of ed approves such closure due to COVID.  Therefore, we are making plans accordingly.

When looking at the results of over 400+ surveys completed by LMCS families last week, 74% marked they would send their child(ren) in person.  We are working on the specific details of what that will look like and those details will be announced as soon as they are complete. (This may be with all students in person or it may be a hybrid model option where it would reduce the number of students in the building at one time.)

For the 26% of families who marked remote learning on the survey, you will still be able to pick that style of learning for your child(ren).  LMCS will provide a device for your child(ren) and will continue to educate them from home through live streaming of classes.  Your child(ren) will be expected to log into the classroom and complete the work from home.  If this is the route you are taking, we need you to fill out this REQUEST FOR REMOTE LEARNING FORM.  You will need to print a copy of it, complete it, and return it to LMCS at your earliest convenience.  You could also obtain a copy of it from any of the offices at LMCS during business hours.

The LMCS School Board will be making the final decision at their August meeting about what in-person learning in our district will look like this fall.  We know parents/guardians need time to plan but now is a good time to start that planning. I have attached a very good FAQ from the Iowa Department of Education to help answer some of your questions. (July 20 FAQ)


Chad Kohagen, Superintendent