Staff Directory

Name Position Email Extension
Aamodt, Julie Elementary Classroom 2209
Ades-Hanson, Beth Title One 2211
Anderson, Sara Elementary Classroom 2212
Angel, Dwight Learner Assistant 2401
Banwart, Vickie Elementary Classroom 2213
Benson, Molly Elementary Special Education
Boehmer, Angie Elementary Classroom 2214
Boehmer, Jim Athletic Director, Secondary Speech, Gov. 2274/ 2259
Bowman, Rachel Transitional Kindergarten 2215
Brackey, Sara Elementary Classroom 2216
Brandenburg, Alex Secondary Classroom 2260
Brandt, Cindy Learner Assistant 2402
Bray, Susan Learner Assistant 2403
Budach, Christine Elementary Classroom 2217
Buffington, Nancy Learner Assistant 2404
Byrnes, Bill Secondary Physical Education 2261
Canny, Deb Food Service Staff
Christianson, Brook Secondary Physical Education 2263
Dagestad, Clair ‘Dag’ Head Custodian 2275
Dagestad, Nicky Elem. Special Education 2221
Daniels, Matthew 7/8 Social Study 2239
Dean, Alissa Secondary Spanish 2265
Determann, Rachel Elementary Classroom 2233
Dietrich, Shelby TLC Instructional Coach 2300
Dugger, Mike Elementary Classroom 2219
Eekhoff, Chad Secondary 2264
Eidness, Judy 6-12 Admin. Secretary 2206
Erdahl, Kaylene Middle School Classroom 2240
Evenson, Brad Transportation Director 2701
Fjelstad, Jennifer Board Secretary/Business Manager 2201
Gaskill, Deb Elementary Special Education 2220
Geelan, Amanda Elementary Classroom
Groe, Cheri Food Service Staff
Gudmonson, Dennis Route Driver
Ham, Sarah Secondary Language Arts 2266
Hansen, Megan 7/8 English 2210
Hanson, Carrie Elementary Classroom 2223
Haugen, Jamie Vocational Agriculture 2248
Helgeson, Jon Route Driver
Hengesteg, Becky Learner Assistant
Hesse, Tammy Learner Assistant 2406
Hoffman, Travis Route Driver
Holtan, Abby K-5 Admin Secretary 2207
Holtan, Molly Elementary Vocal Music, MS Band 2224
Irons, Gary Secondary Special Education 2247
Jensen, Angela Elementary Classroom 2222
Jensen, Angie 4 year old Preschool 2423
Johanson, Lisa Learner Assistant
Kayser, Hedi Elementary Art 2225
Kelly, Keri Food Service Staff
Kesler, Tiffany Secondary Special Education 2255
Kingland, John Route Driver
Kingston, Sherry Elementary Classroom 2226
Klaasen, Allison TLC Instructional Coach 2227
Kohagen, Casey Secondary English 2270
Kohagen, Chad Superintendent 2203
Kortan, Angie Secondary FACS 2246
Krull, Joan School Nurse 2278
Kurtz, Brady Secondary Science 2268
Menke, Kyle Elementary Classroom 2228
Menke, Marie TLC Technology Coach 2229
Midlang, Teresa Learner Assistant 2411
Nelson, Mike Maintenance 2412
Neuwohner, Sue Elementary Classroom 2230
Nyguard, Judy Food Service Staff
Overland, Marianne Maintenance 2413
Paton, Brianna Elementary Classroom
Patterson, Garrett Secondary Math
Patterson, Samantha 7/8 Math 2241
Phillips, Greg Secondary Industrial Tech. 2249
Rice, Daniel Secondary Social Studies 2271
Rognes, Rachel K-12 Guidance 2250
Rogstad, Shana Learner Assistant 2415
Saxton, Linda Secondary Vocal Music 2251
Scholbrock, James MS & HS Principal 2202
Skellenger, Anne Elementary Physical Education 2231
Sletten, Dagmar Food Service Staff
Sletten, Nate Secondary Band 2245
Spies, Ranen Secondary Science 2269
Steele, Megan Secondary Special Education 2272
Stensrud, Angie Nutrition Secretary
Storby, Chantel Elementary Classroom 2236
Swenson, Rane Food Service Staff 2276
Thoma, Jennifer Learner Assistant 2418
Thompson, Bridget Elementary Special Education 2232
Thompson, Carol Learner Assistant 2419
Tiedman, Carol Maintenance 2420
Van Roekel, Beth PowerSchool Administrator, At-Risk/Dropout Coordinator 2244
Voigt, Arnie Route Driver
Wagner, Kari Elementary Principal, K-12 Curriculum & Equity Coordinator 2204
Wallin, Sonja Elementary Classroom 2234
Wilhem, Amy Learner Assistant 2422

It is the policy of the Lake Mills Community School District not to illegally discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age (for employment), marital status (for programs), sexual orientation, gender identity, and socioeconomic status (for programs) in its educational programs and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints of discrimination. If you have questions or a grievance related to this policy, please contact the district's Equity Coordinator by writing to: Kari Wagner, 102 S 4th Av E, Lake Mills, IA 50450, or call 641-592-1882, or email The Lake Mills CSD offers career and technical programs in the areas of agriculture, business, family and consumer science, and industrial technology.